Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the play dresser

with the new baby on his way . . . i took time to repaint his moms garage sale dresser that survived her childhood and then that of her younger cousin.
this dresser has seen better days with wood splintering off . . . but it still has some fun left in it.  so to stay with the flying bear theme we decided to paint it like the sky but we took it to the next level with a gradation to the night sky (matches big bros shelf in his room) .
this shelf should have been striped . . . i did a quick sanding but throughout painting it would pull off layers, etc . .  . so i had to proceed lightly.  used regular acrylics easier to mix the colors i wanted . . .  and yes my clouds ended up looking like the top of 
an ice cream cone !!!
big brother helped make the decision to do clouds on the bottom shelf and night sky on the flat areas above the drawers. then finished up by giving the whole thing a quick glossy coat which kept the paint from coming off.

next comes the pirate costumes as well as knights, superheroes, astronauts, etc. . . .just in time to let the imagination fly !!!


the center back legs are the night sky . . . they look really cool . . . .  if i do say so myself !!