Saturday, May 25, 2013

studies as finished works


playing around with a series of drawings . . . experimenting with papers and glazes . . . what could be small sketchbook works . . . making them larger and trying to give them those finishing touches . . .

i love charcoal and the lift-off technique . . . so i am basically starting there.  i have had a pinch nerve or something that has caused me pain in my shoulder and painting arm.  it effects me more with focus, control, and creative thought.  so it will be interesting to see where this takes me.  my mr. danger piece is part of this process . . . i'll post pics next time.  have to head to his birthday party shortly . . . so first want to focus on zebra study . . . by their looks i would wonder who is studying who . . . so first the lift off technique.

GLAZES . . or staining as i sometimes call it

i started with an umber . . .  i took it to this stage because the paper lifted off with the charcoal so it needed some kind of finish to give it a little quality.  i worked fast trying to accept my faults in the drawing.  after the umber i added an indian yellow/orange mixture to warm up the work.   then i finger painted on white mixtures over the white stripes . . . it picked up the texture.  after a while i added my faithful blue . . . few accents.
a close up at the way the paper pulled up . . . i mixed in a little bit of ceramic stucco for  variety.  i actually had a lot of fun finger painting the white on !!

the gboyz

jax . . . . . 'STUCK'

so i was missing jax . . . so i decided to use him as my next subject.  and just like with animals . . . i use both my observations and a bunch of pictures i took.  and just like with animals there were times i would click away because i knew one day i might create this moment in time.  i ended up leaving this work as a black and white . . . spraying it and setting it with matte medium . . . .  the back has a few layers of orange acrylic.

it was raining so i left this out for a few days . . . but despite that fact when i eventually rolled it for storage the front did get 'stuck' on the back layer . . . dual meaning to the title.

and then there was danger  . . .  'WELCOME, DAY ONE'


i actually created this one first.  i have not had the pleasure of knowing this little guy like i have jax.  but this drawing came from the first time i set my eyes on him at the hospital.  he is actually on his side but i like the up presentation it adds something different.  though it is displayed on it's side at his great grandma's.

i am working on another danger piece now . . . . slowly.

the g-boyz to date . . . jax 3 / danger 1

2o13 ... exposure


first event . . . return to oceanside days of art !!  my first show i ever did . . .  2 years ago.  i did san marcos art walk a few times so i am learning to be more compact.  it may not look that way but all this fit in the back of an old honda accord !!!  one trip.

so i removed the posts from my displays and
went with just the peg board . . . so i can make tripod displays . . . a wall or both.

i was on a corner and there was a street and a sidewalk so i left the tent open . . . and inviting.

i hung the larger works from the tent and used foam board displays i made to add a little something something to the display . . . the whole presentation as well as the work . . . it is me !!  

our book (alphabet kingdom) received a most welcoming reception.  so did my art . . . small things sold . . . had lots of conversations with kids, adults and other artists.  other artists bought the book too!  first time at a show had conversations about commissions.

all my promotional materials went out.  i also had some good talks with wildlife academics.
oh and the sketchbooks were out for the public to use . . . and they did !!

a closer look at the foam board displays

worked quickly on a lemur . . . mostly out my head . . . it was fun !  it was on some paper i had stored away.  my new kick going through old art supplies and using them !!  this one on erasing (lifting off the charcoal) it added texture to the work . . . i enjoyed it !!! 


next on the list . . .. art in the pines.  held in la jolla at torrey pines state park.  once again my book did well . . . . sold out . . . all the docents bought me out !!!  my work was very different from the other artist there which was good.  i actually did not demo . . .  and the sketchbooks were out but no one participated here.  a different kind of crowd.  gorgeous place to spend a 

i have been thinking about prints . . . . having some made . . . everyone says get the one people like the most.  well i have to say here in san diego county a lot of people know and like their animals.  because even the takin is on my 50/50 list. 

art in the pines

cards sold . . . postcards and buttons . . . and i thought we didn't get that many business cards out (actually i do bookmarks) . . . BUT
when i returned home and cleaned up from the show at least half of the new promos were gone.

so that is a definite + + . . . . new area . . . new people . . . .

2nd goal . . . try to get out to areas other than my norm !!!