Saturday, August 29, 2015

"oh .... so you do animals"


the most common statement heard about my work besides the usual under-valuing of the artist work in general is the subject matter.  though representational of the animal kingdom they each go far beyond that.  i deal with animals from a world beyond my own... i feel both the world and the animal kingdom deserve our love, respect and care.  most of these animals have a personality ... perhaps a little personified by my own view of the world or wishes for ... but each work is a process a journey.  all start as a drawing and finish as a complete work of art ready to display.  but the actual finished product is always a little bit of a surprise.  much like with printmaking ... i begin with with a drawing add texture but then in the acid baths that is where the changes begin to occur.  there something new and unplanned may take me on one journey or it maybe that something is to clean, polished or just lacking may take me on another. then add in to mix my original observation and story with my subject and you now have a unique piece of mo.  oh and we can't forget the events of the day .... short on supplies, my mood, lighting and even someone else's encounter with my surface has changed/added to the story !!!! 

oh and did i mention this was my first feature artist show .... and then i went into hibernation ... so to speak.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

so much to do ! so little time !!!!

it has been a while ... as usual creating comes first !!! then there is the website and ..... but right now the computer is down so turning attentions to the blog !!!

2014 was a tough year surrendering everything due to a family illness and becoming 24/7 caregiver .... so both time and location took mosart studios to ground zero ....i was able to squeeze out san diego's mission federal artwalk (signed up about 7 mos ealier and before) .... and mo's first featured artist show called "oh .... so you do animals".

so lets try to catch up !!! but now that i am using a tablet ....a new tool... there maybe mo' then the usual errors !!! well  it is all about the  journey afterall !!!

so i did continue working on wood !!! created some 12x12 panels with the ballpoint pen (all available on etsy ... one of my new outlets for art found this past year) ... am in possesion of 3 large panels stiill awaiting mos'  pen !!!

pic time
this is the c collection ... you've seen clyde, the first ballpoint pen and wood test are 4 mo' ... cleetus, carl, congo, clive and chuck ...

this post will then conclude with the image of the 26x30 ? panel " roar' and smaller 5x7 'tiger 2'.... yes sometimes my titles need work !!