Wednesday, September 21, 2016

urban fingerprints series continues . . .

hmmmm ... you think so 

the latest back to my orangutans .... working off some photos i had taken a while back ... he had just turned towards me and looked back at me with that expression ...

love creating this series ... something about getting the hands dirty helping to feel connected to both the work and the subject ... despite its been a few years since i had the pleasure of observing these great primates ..

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

fini . . .


first time creating a board with out knowing how it would be used ... or whom it would end up with.  liked the raw board and charcoal in the previous post but the grain of the wood was too orange on the skull so added acrylics to the skull .... and then to the reverse side for the effect of continuity.  lots of fun working on this board ... lots of ideas to try out on other boards.

have had a little run in with the sealer ... it was so hot in the sun that they melted ...learning experience ... but hand sanding and respraying seems to have helped ... just more texture and nicks ...embracing the scratches of boarding and life .... more traces of the process of the creative process than having to recreate imperfections.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

mo' skateboards ....

at work on another board ....just one of the ideas bouncing around in my head ....mostly charcoal ....a little lift off technique with both the eraser and some rubbing alcohol.   adding some ballpoint pen and color pencil while setting layers with fixative for now.  was going to be a glaze and lift off only on the skull ... like i did on my gorillas but haven't decided if i want to leave it raw or not.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'hidden tig' huntington beach artwalk demo

one of the studio mates checking out the beginnings

'hidden tig" became the next work and the smallest in the fingerprint series ... 8" x 24" was started with charcoal and a spray bottle (filled with water of course!) during the huntington beach artwalk in july 2015... i was at the rainwater gallery where my art was currently on exhibit ...

 being a tiger with much more distinct stripes ....and loving some of the textures created i decided to add a little ballpoint pen ... i ended up loving it .....and was quite satisfied with the way i preserve some of the textures i created .... as you can see from the working pics i use a multitude of layers to give my work depth ...the works seem to be lacking if i do not ...



is the largest and last (to date) in the series... he was finished in january 2016 the night before show entries were due .... no ballpoint .... this work is 36" x 48 " .... lots and lots of charcoal .....

a mosart studios blog announcement !!!

so to try to become a better blogger i started doing my entries from my tablet ....but it doesn't let me be as creative with my photo placement until I take time on a computer to fix you will be dealing with a multitude of 'continuations' or stacked photos .... can you tell which blogs have been edited ?  yes, sarcastic i know ....

plus my creative partner who loves to write may be making entries for me can easily tell whom is writing just from the capital letters as well as excellent grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary !! 

just FYi .... if you care ....(smile)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

urban fingerpirnts

the latest and newest collection .... i have missed being out at chalk festivals and i have been having little urges to do murals as well as street art !!!  so using the usual suspects ... charcoal and stucco ..... so i created the feel of a mason wall or a pillar under a roadway giving way to the name 'urban' ... on canvas ....worked with my hands ....scraps of cardboard ....added one color ....dripped .....and titanium white without no brushes therefore we get the name 'fingerprints'.... so very much a drawing ...very much mo'.

first in the series is 'regal' ....


next was my snow leopard ... i loved observing this guy on several occasions....but working mostly from memory i found a lot of similarities as i drew to a pair of siberian lynxes that i have drawn on a multitude of occasions.  of course they are wildcats .... therefore the title of the work ...'wildcat'...which actually could reflect his moods of pacing and growling.



so the third piece in the series is 'sir serval' ... a little tighter work both due to canvas size and subject matter ... the serval's expression reminds me a lot of old turn of the century portraits ... not 2000 more like 1900s or 1800s ... he has become one of my favorite works ... the technique remained the same except for the addition of the liquetex medium natural sand .....

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

mo' boards


the only request was for a lion or a tiger roaring .... so i gave him both with growls.  this one was made for the younger gboy whose middle name really is 'danger'.   the fun thing is being able to share the boards progress and get approval as well as input along the way. 

the original plan was to do a traditional danger logo on the front.  but then big brothers board has skulls ... so a lion skull became danger's monster skull.  

but the need to share that middle name played a big part in the design .... i designed a multitude of fonts .... sent two sets of 5 different fonts .... he happened to pick the same font both times.

clear grip tape was added to each letter and black to the black ... mom says he needs it !!!  danger picked a dark red truck and deep coal black wheels .... pretty styling !!!


this was in the back of the brain while the littlest g was in utero. this board should make the rounds of a few shows before passing it on because it should be another year before the little g-girl is ready to get on board. for fi i wanted to do something a little more girlie but still skulls so i came up with a skull bird based on a hummingbird skeleton.

the use of ballpoint pen, acrylic and color pencils brought this board to life.  in the beginning it looked more polished and like the work of many black and white artist/illustrators i like but this is a mo' board so layering become the key.

the flowers are were where my oval doodles ended up this past winter so to make it a different type of floral they were used.  lots of hours and love went into this board.  in the process of layering and giving it the worn look there were actually a few times i took sand paper to the work i had already spent lots of time on .... and a few time i even poured rubbing alcohol on it but wiped it off fairly quickly as not to lose everything.

this was the early stages of bringing my doodles to life