Saturday, June 18, 2016

urban fingerpirnts

the latest and newest collection .... i have missed being out at chalk festivals and i have been having little urges to do murals as well as street art !!!  so using the usual suspects ... charcoal and stucco ..... so i created the feel of a mason wall or a pillar under a roadway giving way to the name 'urban' ... on canvas ....worked with my hands ....scraps of cardboard ....added one color ....dripped .....and titanium white without no brushes therefore we get the name 'fingerprints'.... so very much a drawing ...very much mo'.

first in the series is 'regal' ....


next was my snow leopard ... i loved observing this guy on several occasions....but working mostly from memory i found a lot of similarities as i drew to a pair of siberian lynxes that i have drawn on a multitude of occasions.  of course they are wildcats .... therefore the title of the work ...'wildcat'...which actually could reflect his moods of pacing and growling.



so the third piece in the series is 'sir serval' ... a little tighter work both due to canvas size and subject matter ... the serval's expression reminds me a lot of old turn of the century portraits ... not 2000 more like 1900s or 1800s ... he has become one of my favorite works ... the technique remained the same except for the addition of the liquetex medium natural sand .....

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