Wednesday, March 9, 2016

mo' boards


the only request was for a lion or a tiger roaring .... so i gave him both with growls.  this one was made for the younger gboy whose middle name really is 'danger'.   the fun thing is being able to share the boards progress and get approval as well as input along the way. 

the original plan was to do a traditional danger logo on the front.  but then big brothers board has skulls ... so a lion skull became danger's monster skull.  

but the need to share that middle name played a big part in the design .... i designed a multitude of fonts .... sent two sets of 5 different fonts .... he happened to pick the same font both times.

clear grip tape was added to each letter and black to the black ... mom says he needs it !!!  danger picked a dark red truck and deep coal black wheels .... pretty styling !!!


this was in the back of the brain while the littlest g was in utero. this board should make the rounds of a few shows before passing it on because it should be another year before the little g-girl is ready to get on board. for fi i wanted to do something a little more girlie but still skulls so i came up with a skull bird based on a hummingbird skeleton.

the use of ballpoint pen, acrylic and color pencils brought this board to life.  in the beginning it looked more polished and like the work of many black and white artist/illustrators i like but this is a mo' board so layering become the key.

the flowers are were where my oval doodles ended up this past winter so to make it a different type of floral they were used.  lots of hours and love went into this board.  in the process of layering and giving it the worn look there were actually a few times i took sand paper to the work i had already spent lots of time on .... and a few time i even poured rubbing alcohol on it but wiped it off fairly quickly as not to lose everything.

this was the early stages of bringing my doodles to life

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