Tuesday, October 23, 2012

belmont shores


it was a whole lot of fun !! a drizzly morning and occasional threats throughout the day.  but our little section of the street definitely seemed to enjoy ourselves !!  willie zin ended up winning best in show. as always i didn't set out to win anything (and didn't) . . . . but to create something.  this time staying with the halloween season and my flying monkey !!!! 

this was the first time working on paper.  i've worked on paper and do work on paper all the time . . . but this is the first time at a sidewalk chalk event !!! it was fun . . . i've used lenox paper before so i knew it can be a little unforgiving . . . and using a chalk eraser on the background color . . . not the best idea because it can start to subtly come off like skin after being in the water when drying with a towel. you have to be very careful not to overwork on paper.  on asphalt i can usually remove an area with water and lots of towels.  no do-overs today.

i had scribbled a flying monkey idea awhile back . . . and then a couple years ago started to play with the idea in watercolor . . . . this year was the first time i took it to a finished product while adding a little want-to-be flying monkey.  the stages are below:

willie zins best in show
creativity in the window behind us
i liked our little block of the street.  all the artists were friendly.  i had the honor of working next to willie zin . . . who won best in show.  the people were great !! they even suggested i go first to the restroom so i could get back to work . . . several see the art as it progressed.  my square was used as a back drop for a cal state long beach student broadcast.  i also made the press telegram photos of the event (i was in as well as named in 2 out of 6).  i had fun going crazy with the color . . . and shaping his face . . .  then adding lines of color !!!

other works from belmont shores in various stages . . . 
more event wide pics at 
the press telegram !!