Wednesday, March 9, 2016

i'm baaack

so during the time of hiatus from art ... so to speak ... i joined the huntington beach art council to stay connected, to meet those in the art community of the oc and have some kind of creative outlet.  upon my return i begun several projects and a couple new collections ...

first the return to creating art on skateboards ....


left to right ..... 2015, 2015 and just completed 2016

2015   the 'morilla skull' board

so first the name .... maybe a little obvious
once you know this board was created for me !! the artiste !!!!  'mo' for mo and the 'rilla' for the gorillas.  

this board main medium is charcoal with acrylics (and not pure white though it does photograph that way) .... and glazes of umber .... and pebeo paints.  first the whites are a mixture of white, parchment and naples yellow.  of course there are some blues and alizarin in the shadows with traces of the umber glazes.  

on the top side there is a grip-tape type texture it almost looks burnt ... since the board was designed for me to commute on and do a little PR of my talent i made this texture instead of hiding the art behind tape.  it is an ultra matte gel acrylic stucco and charcoal.

after attending a demo at the art supply warehouse and winning a few samples of pebeo mixed media paints ... they found their way to the board. why not?  so the silvers are pebeo which are to be used and moved around on smooth surfaces but we broke that rule with pleasing results !!!

the back side or bottom of the board which i do not see myself doing any rails with... are two gorillas with attitude.  both are charcoal with a few umber glazes on top.  the face details were pulled off with q-tips, brushes and rags ... some when still when then others with water, rubbing alcohol or scratching. oh and the skull on front is like on jax's board (late 2013) ... my adaption of a gorilla monster skull.

the font was fun .... wanting to design my own i mixed the points of horns and my drips .... after all drips can be found on the majority of current works.  the outline is a mix of three layers (there i go layering again ... well it is my board) ... umber, charcoal and alizarin.

close ups of the stucco texture and the pebeo paints

NOTE:   the next two boards will be covered in the next post ... i rewrote this twice already .. having trouble with my internet communication i guess !!!

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